Account Type

Account Type Table

ICM Direct ICM Zero
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP or SGD USD, EUR, GBP or SGD
Leverage(1) 1:200 1:200
Spread View Contract Specifications 0(2)
Commission 0 $7/Round lot(3)
Minimum Transaction Size 0.01 of a Standard Lot 0.01 of a Standard Lot
Instruments Available Forex, Metals, Futures , Shares, and Cash CFDs Forex, Metals, Futures , Shares, and Cash CFDs
Stop/Limit Levels No Minimum for Forex & Metals No Minimum for Forex & Metals
Instruments Specifications View Contract Specifications View Contract Specifications
Available to Globally Globally
Trading Central Market News
Expert Advisor
Real Time News Feed
Mobile Trading Platform
Segregated accounts
Charts & Platforms
Free video tutorials
Fifth Decimal
Personalised Service in +16 Languages
SMS Updates
Swap free(4)
Complementary Premium Services
Custom Trading Conditions
Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Stop out level(5) 0 0
Trading Platforms MT4: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android MT4: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

(1) The leverage for your account can vary depending on the price volatility of the underlying asset.

(2) Starting from 0 on EURUSD Pair

(3) For FX and Metal only – No commission is charged for all other products

(4) Swap free accounts are available to clients following the Muslim faith

(5) Applicable under normal Forex trading conditions

Market Execution

With Market Execution, your order is matched within seconds and sent for execution via liquidity generated through ICM Direct offering you price efficiency. There is no central exchange in the Forex market, meaning liquidity is accumulated via major Tier 1 global banks and top liquidity providers. With Market Execution you can get the best available price currently on the market, what’s more there is an opportunity to open the order at a better price, this is known as positive slippage. Keep in mind, this could mean that your order is filled at a different price to the one originally shown.

Expert Advisors

At ICM Capital all clients can benefit from auto trading. Use of Expert advisor in the terminal are programs written in MetaQuotes Language 4 and allowing to analyze and trade in the automatic mode on behalf of client. ICM Capital is not liable for any trading loss when using expert advisor and may cancel trades if they EA is set to abuse our automated service. We at ICM Capital may at our sole discretion de-activate this feature if the client is deemed to be using the feature for abusive purposes.

Please also note that ICM Capital does not provide personal investment advice, and that individuals should seek independent advice where needed.


"Gapping" refers to an occurrence whereby the market moves from one quoted price and that this second quote is significantly different to the first. Where such an event happens and where the second quote is through an order level (Stop Loss, Limit or New Order), when the first quote was not, this may trigger a Gapping event.

There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. Some of the more usual, because the particular Underlying Market on which the order is placed has opened and started trading at a price significantly different from the previous session closing price; or during trading hours the Underlying Market may have become unusually volatile or illiquid for a period of time causing sudden dramatic price movements; or the Underlying Market may have gapped from one traded price to another, significantly different, traded price due to a piece of economic, political, environmental or corporate news.

Moreover, we recommend clients limit their exposure when holding positions over the weekend or prior to market closing or during release of any political events and be aware that such gaps may occur.

Stop-out Levels

The above stop out level are applicable under normal Forex trading conditions. ICM Capital reserves the right to amend the above spreads according to market conditions as per our Terms and Conditions.

Swap Free Accounts

ICM Capital offers Islamic accounts to clients following the Muslim faith. Forex Islamic accounts are also known as swap-free accounts as they imply no swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, which is against Islamic faith.

ICM Capital reserves the right to discontinue an Islamic/SWAP-free account without warning. ICM Capital will invoke this right in case of suspicion of abuse, in which case ICM Capital may, at its sole discretion, decide to close all open positions in the account and deduct or add swaps for all transactions currently and/or previously made in the account and decline from accepting any further requests from the Client to be exempted from SWAP.

All users of swap-free accounts shall agree with terms and conditions.

CFDs and Spot FX are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Your profit and loss will vary according to the extent of the fluctuations in the price of the underlying markets on which the trade is based. Read More
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