ICM Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For further information, please visit the FCA website, using ICM Capital's Financial Services Register Number: 520965, or company name: ICM Capital Limited.

The FCA regulates the financial services industry in the United Kingdom, with the aim to protect consumers, ensure the industry remains stable and promotes healthy competition between financial services providers. ICM Capital is solely regulated by the FCA in respect of its conduct and prudential obligations.

The FCA are funded by the industry which they regulate, by the fees generated from the Companies it authorises.

They are accountable to the Department of the Treasury and ultimately to the government of the United Kingdom.

The FCA replaced the FSA (Financial Services Authority) as regulator for financial services in the UK on 1 April 2013.

The FCA are accountable to the United Kingdom HM Treasury and ultimately to the UK Government.​

The FCA is responsible for making the rules and regulations which govern the Financial Services Industry in the UK. Firms providing financial services in the UK are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

The FCA have powers to investigate breaches of its rules and regulation and it has the power of enforcement, to fine and/or prosecute firms and individuals who neglect to follow its rules and regulations in their daily business operations.

FCA authorised businesses have to continuously demonstrate to the FCA that they comply with their statutory objectives and rules and regulations with regards to good business practice.

The FCA website with details of its rulebook can be accessed via this link FCA.


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